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Smart solutions for business facilitation
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An online Exchange of Good Practices in Business Facilitation

In the context of a global economic slowdown, it is essential to remove unnecessary burdens and disincentive to enterprise activities and to promote the application of existing, affordable solutions to reduce administrative barriers and improve administrative efficiency.

Some countries, many of which are developing countries, have designed and implemented good solutions to make administrative procedures swift and transparent for creating companies, registering property, obtaining licenses, work permits and visas, paying taxes, etc. Smart laws and procedures, organizational schemes and eGovernment tools that have demonstrated their efficiency in one country could be helpful to other countries confronted to the same problems.

Sharing solutions for business facilitation could considerably accelerate the pace and reduce the cost of administrative reform in developing countries.

---------- this site is a prototype, additional functions will be added soon -----------

Objectives of the site

  • Promote the dissemination of government solutions to facilitate business for enterprises and especially SMEs in developing countries
  • Encourage direct cooperation between national administrations and especially south-south cooperation

Target audience

  • Policy makers and administrators in countries looking for business facilitation solutions and for support to implement them;
  • Policy makers and administrators in countries willing to propose business facilitation solutions;
  • Donor organisations, willing to finance the implementation of business facilitation solutions in developing countries.

Our definition of good practices

We consider a good practice in business facilitation any measure that makes administrative procedures easier for entrepreneurs and enterprises when starting, operating and closing a business. more...