Business Facilitation Guided Tour

What is the Business Facilitation Programme?

A series of efficient and participative tools and methodologies to clarify and simplify administrative procedures. Applied sequentially, they compose an integrated program for the modernization of public administration in developing countries.


    Clear procedures :
    , information portals on administrative procedures

    Simple procedures :
    10 principles to simplify administrative procedures

    Online services :
    eRegistrations, transactional electronic single windows

eRegulations for clear procedures

A turn-key solution for governments to clarify and publicize administrative procedures

  • eRegulations system's philosophy

    Procedures are presented step-by-step from the user’s point of view

    A step is any necessary interaction between the user and the administration to achieve an objective

  • eRegulations systems map

    Systems can be installed at national, provincial or regional level

  • eRegulations system homepage

    All texts, images, videos, etc can be configured through a user-friendly adminsitrative interface and adapted to local requirements.

    See also : Lomas de Zamora (Argentina), Yaoundé (Cameroon), Da Nang (Vietnam), etc.

  • Menu page of an eRegulations system

    Shows the list of procedures (or objectives) and their sub-categories such as “Company creation” Land acquisition” etc.

    All texts and images and links are configurable through the administrative interface

  • eRegulations system procedure summary page

    Shows the list and gives access to the steps (left column)

    Presents the summary of the entities involved, results of the procedure, requirements, duration, costs and legal bases

  • eRegulations step sheet

    Shows all necessary information for the user to understand an interaction: contact details of the entity/department/person in charg, result of the step, requirements and forms, costs (if any), duration, legal justification, contact details of the entity, department and person in charge of complaints in case of any misconduct

    Provides links to send simplification ideas or complaints online

  • A presentation on information collection, registration and validation cycle

    Describes the methodology for documenting procedures in the eRegulations system and the way to ensure that the information reflects the administrative practice.

Administrative simplification

(10 principles to simplify the administrative procedures)

  • Comparative sites on eRegulations systems

    Example of Vietnam - Access : vietnam - Password : simple

    Data comes automatically from the eRegulations systems

    Comparison of the administrative complexities (entities, documents, cost, duration) for the same procedures in different systems

    Comparison of the documentation process in each system

  • 10 Principles to simplify administrative procedures

    10 Principles to simplify administrative procedures : allow governments to decrease steps and requirements by 50%, without changing the regulations

    Once procedures are clarified through the eRegulations system, it is easy to detect possibilities to reduce the number of steps, group forms, reduce the duration, and remove unlawful requirements applying the 10 principles of administrative procedures.

eRegistrations (single window for online services)

eRegistrations to set up online transactional single windows: once simplified, procedures can be computerised and made transactional online in a few weeks, government services can be grouped in electronic single windows.

  • eRegistrations system user interface

    The user logs in, fills out a unique form, scans and uploads all necessary documents, pays online and sends his application for registration at all mandatory registries simultaneously.

    See Lomas de Zamora (Argentina), Guatemala, El Salvador, Tanzania

  • Demo on the use of eRegistrations system

    An interactive guide determines for each user’s case, the required registrations, the necessary documents and the costs of the procedure

    A unique form gathers information requested by all involved institutions in one go

    Some documents must be uploaded (goal is to reduce it to zero through web-services)

    Once the application is sent the user receives a confirmation receipt and appointment to withdraw certificates

  • Demo on the back office file processing

    A front-office reviews the application file and dispatches it to all involved administrations

    Each institution has it own screen in the system

    In case of missing information or incomplete files, administrations interact directly with the applicant through email

Areas of application of the business facilitation
  • Harmonisation of procedures at national or regional level

    Information is taken directly from the eRegulations systems in real time

    The number of steps, requirements, costs and duration for the same procedure can be compared among cities and countries

    Governments can learn and adopt the best national, regional or international practices

  • iTradePortal : information portals on import/export procedures

    eRegulations system can be used to show all import, export and transit procedures, in application of article 2.1 of the WTO Bali Agreement on Trade Facilitation

  • iTradeLine : single window for import/export of goods

    The eRegistrations system can be configured to allow all actors involved in an import/ export procedure to follow the procedure through a single interface online