APEC 2016 - Ease of Doing Business Workshop

Effective Solutions to Improve the Business Environment

Frank Grozel, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
Business Facilitation Program|frank.grozel@unctad.org, +41 22 917 55 61

What is a good one-stop shop?

Definitely not a good one

Key elements

Links to information portals and single windows on business registration

For a majority of small entrepreneurs, becoming and remaining formal
is a very complicated endeavour

Survey of traders at the Bamako market (Mali)

Survey of traders at the San Salvador market

A proxy to Informality

Becoming and remaining formal

Remaining formal in El Salvador

This explains, at least partly, the high informality rates
in most developing countries

OECD: 2/3 of world working population is informal

ILO, statistics

Reversing the vicious cycle

Publishing investment procedures, from the user point of view:
a necessary first step to improve the business environment

Make it easy for investors to comply with the rules

28 countries

GER.co, a word index of business registrations sites

Procedures from the user's point of view

Regional and in-country comparison



Lomas de Zamora (Argentina)



Montenegro (embedded)

Simplifying procedures = less steps, less requirements

Electronic single windows: a good way to simplify and harmonise procedures

Basic principles for single windows

Simple registration through an online single window


Lomas de Zamora (Argentina)



eRegs as CMS for eGovernment portals

eRegs as CMS for eGovernment portals