eRegulations Overview

Making administrative procedures transparent, swift and efficient is an essential part of an enabling environment for private sector development, good governance and the rule of law. UNCTAD has developed an electronic tool called eRegulations to help governments make rules and procedures fully transparent and to facilitate business, trade and investment.

This system contributes to greater transparency and efficiency in the public service and improved governance. It has been installed in various countries and cities worldwide, since 2005.

Main benefits

  Provides total transparency on rules and procedures, through detailed, practical and up-to-date descriptions of steps to go through, as seen from the user's point of view.
  Facilitates the simplification of procedures. Field investigations undertaken to collect the information are an opportunity for government agencies to review and streamline procedures. Once they are clearly documented online, it becomes easy to identify unnecessary steps and requirements.
  Promotes public awareness of, and stimulates public-private dialogue on, rules and procedures.

External Evaluation

Trade and Development Board: External evaluation of UNCTAD's Business Faciliation Progamme more

What users say

...Congratulations for your excellent job, I have used the online company registration system & everything worked smoothly in time... more

What governments say

...this (online registration) system has created a psychological change in the Salvadoran administration... Armando Flores, former Minister of economy, El Salvador more



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